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What are Backlinks – Why are they Important for SEO in 2023

What are Backlinks?

Every beginner asks this question when he starts his journey in blogging, what are backlinks and why are they important? Backlinks are links that point from one website to a page on another website using anchor text. Backlinks are often referred to as “inbound links”, “incoming links”, or “one-way links.” Backlinks are regarded as “votes” by Google and other major search engines for a particular web page, which indicates the page’s relevancy, quality, and authority in the Field. Pages that have a large number of relevant backlinks typically receive high rankings in the organic Search Results (SERP).

What are Backlinks

A backlink is created when one website links to another by mentioning it and doing so in a clickable manner.

Backlinks have long been a part of search engine algorithms. In reality, the initial Google algorithm foundation (known as “PageRank”) was built on the basis of backlinks.

How Search Engines Determine Ranking for Keywords:

Google and the other search engines have taken on the huge task of attempting to rank each page out of the billions of pages that are currently available on the internet for the billions of searches that are conducted each day. They have been perfecting their algorithms for the past twenty years to the point where they are capable of understanding the intent of the queries (even if it is only a one-word query), and they provide us with the results that are the most relevant to our search.

How Search Engines Determine Ranking for Keywords

How Google and Bing! Determine The Quality And Value.

You can only imagine the difficulty of the engineers’ examining these ranking signals given the amount of study and testing that went into it. Since almost every website links to at least one or two other websites in some form, they have a lot of resources to work with.

Google released what may be regarded as an overall guiding principle a few years ago to help consumers better understand their SEO Search Engine Optimization evaluation process. Its acronym stands for (Expertise, Authority, and Trust) EAT.

It is not certain that this is how search engines rank backlinks; I just find it helpful to explain it in this way to make it a little clearer and easier to remember.

Anchor text:

Within the sentence, this is the part that contains the hyperlink to the other website. it should have relevance to the website that’s being targeted.

In point of fact, a recent study discovered a correlation between anchor text that is rich in the target term and higher results for that keyword.

When it comes to anchor text that’s rich in keywords, you don’t want to go overboard. In point of fact, Google’s search algorithm has a filter with the name “Google Penguin”.

Websites that engage in unethical link-building tactics are removed from Google’s index by the Penguin update. In addition to this, it places particular attention on web pages that create backlinks using exact-match anchor text.

Surrounding text:

The content that surrounds your anchor text may assist users in interpreting the context of the resource that you are linking to. Additionally, it provides search engines with more detail. Natural language is now given preference by Google’s search algorithm because the company strives to provide customers with accurate search results based on how people really type and speak.

The page itself:

Are the topics of the website you’re connecting to and the page you want to link to are similar? Is it logical for this page to link to the one you were looking at? Does the page that links to other websites have other websites linked to it, so building up its own authority?

What Types of Backlinks Are Valuable?

There is not one single standard for backlink quality. To put it another way, if you want to rank better in the search engine results pages (SERPs), you should concentrate on building quality backlinks.

To phrase this another way:

A single backlink of high quality can be more effective than a thousand backlinks of bad quality combined.

It has been shown that backlinks of high quality tend to share a few essential characteristics in common.

  • They Come From Trusted, Authoritative Websites.
  • They Include Your Target Keyword In The Link’s Anchor Text.
  • The Site (and Page) Linking to You Is Topically Related To Your Site.
  • The Link Is a “Dofollow” Link.
  • The Link Is From a Domain That Hasn’t Linked to You Before.

How to Create Backlinks in 2023?

06 Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Website.

How to Create Backlinks in 2023

01. Create Linkable Assets:

You need to have something on your website that is worthwhile for people to link to if you want other websites to link to yours.

A blog post, a video, a piece of software, a quiz, or a poll are all examples of linkable assets. More generally speaking, a linkable asset can be anything that people will want to link to.

02. Get Featured on Resource Pages:

Doing so-called resource page link building is one of the easiest ways to obtain backlinks, but it is also one of the most efficient ones.

Pages that contain resources are known as resource pages, and they contain categorized lists of links.

There is a page of resources dedicated to pretty much every subject that can be thought of.

03. Find Broken Links:

Building broken links is the process of discovering broken links on pages that are relevant to your niche and contacting website Owners within that niche with resources that can be used to replace the broken links.

Getting backlinks from Building broken links is a strategy that requires just a little bit of effort but results in a situation in which both parties gain: the owner of the site fixes the broken link, and you receive a backlink.

04. Improve on Popular Content:

Building backlinks using this tried-and-true method is what is meant by the term “Skyscraper Technique”.

  1. Discovering popular content that has attracted a large number of links.
  2. Developing superior content and distributing it to individuals who have previously linked to the initial article
  3. People have an innate need to be around things that are superior in some way.

05. Help a Reporter Out (HARO):

The website HARO makes it possible for users to take advantage of a number of excellent opportunities to earn links from the press.

Help a Reporter Out, sometimes known as HARO, is a service that puts journalists in touch with relevant sources. If a journalist decides to utilize your article as a source, there is a possibility that they will also provide you with a backlink.

Conducting a link gap analysis is one of the quickest ways to discover chances for backlinks. This method involves locating websites that link to your competitors but do not connect to you (yet).

If a website has linked out to more than one of your competitors, there is a good chance that they will also link out to your website.

Backlink Gap is a tool that can be used to speed up and simplify this process for you.


In terms of search engine optimization (SEO) and online exposure, backlinks are quite important. They act as digital endorsements, demonstrating to search engines like Google the authority and legitimacy of a website. Businesses and individuals can expand their online presence, boost organic traffic, and raise their search engine ranks by comprehending the value of backlinks and putting into practice efficient techniques to get them.

It is crucial to have a well-rounded strategy in order to properly acquire worthwhile backlinks. This requires producing excellent, educational, and interesting content that compels other websites to link back to yours. Your backlink profile can be further enhanced by utilizing guest posting, influencer outreach, and industry collaborations. The use of directories, online forums, and social media platforms can also present options for acquiring backlinks.

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